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The definition of excavation is scooping , cutting, or digging into a surface to form a cavity. With excavating & snow removal Willowbrook, IL, you can expect so much more than just scooping, cutting, and digging. We can clear out anything in your property and help you with the snow that blocks your way.

With our company, you can have the following excavation services:

Excavation in tight spaces

Some spaces cannot accommodate heavy construction equipment like bulldozers but our company can definitely help you with this specific need. We most certainly have the necessary tools to accomplish the task.

Breaking rocks

Your property may have boulders or deeply embedded rocks that blocks your view or are just in the way. We can relieve you of this burden by breaking them up and removing them from your space.


You may have bought a property that has a broken down structure keeping you from erecting a new pool or a new garage. We can easily demolish this and remove it from your yard. This will then provide a new strong foundation for your project.

Surface treatments

We can treat surfaces to clear out the snow and ice. We do this by spreading out chemicals such as salt to melt away the snow. This is also a way to prevent the surface from becoming slippery after a snowfall. We also apply inert materials such as slag or sand to improve traction of the surface.

Snow removal

After a heavy snowfall, snow accumulates on any property. It blocks driveways and prevents you from being able to access your driveway. Snow removal is our specialty and in areas of high snowfall, this is where our company shines.

Too much snow can be a barrier to what you want to do and where you want to go. Our company is at the ready to remove the snow that blocks your way.


There is nothing like a clean and clear space to keep your area safe and tidy. Excavating your yard is an effective way of eliminating unwanted structures or rocks that may pose hazards to the household. In just hours, you can have a rejuvenated property that you can transform to your specifications.